Is coaching effective?

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Last Updated on March 2, 2022 by Coach M

Coaching for different aspects of your life is now getting more popular. This type of ‘life’ coaching, like with a sports coach, maximizes your potential.

Founder of Microsoft Bill Gates and former Google CEO Eric Schmidt have both said everyone needs a coach.

I totally feel the same way.

So what is coaching, and is coaching effective? In this blog I will outline some ideas about the advantages and disadvantages of coaching, and how to choose a coach that will help you achieve your goals.

1.What is coaching

1-1 What is coaching?

The term ‘coaching’ originally comes from the word ‘carriage’.

The purpose of a carriage was to bring passengers from one place to another.

Coaching is kind of the same thing, where coaches will accompany a client on the journey to reaching their goal.

As a coach, our job is to find and bring out the strengths the client already possesses. Sometimes we encourage them, rejoice with them, give feedback, and work together to help them move towards the thing they want to be.

1-2 The difference between a coach and a consultant

This is a really common question.

In short, a consultant gives you the answer to a problem, while a coach provides you with the tools to solve the problem by yourself.

Think about the Bible story about the difference between giving a man a fish, so he will eat for a day, or teaching him how to fish so he will eat for life.

A consultant supplements the client with skills and knowledge they do not have, so it has an immediate effect. Management consultants, lawyers and accountants are examples.

With coaches, however, they are working with the client to find the best answer for themselves by unlocking the knowledge and power they already possess. By taking this approach, and leading clients to the solutions to their challenges in their own way and in their own time, behaviours are created that will be self-sustaining and long-lasting.  

It can be useful to use both consulting and coaching approaches, depending on the situation.

1-3 Types of coaching

There are various types of coaching, everything from business coaches to life coaches, mental coaches and performance coaches. Choose the one that suits your needs.

Personally, I have several coaches, including those for business, triathlon and life in general.

2. Benefits of coaching

2-1 Benefits of coaching

The main advantage of coaching is that you can maximize your ability. You can gain a lot of awareness by seeing things from a different perspective and altering the thoughts that come from your regular pattern of thinking.

Moreover, when you are uneasy and lack the confidence to take the next step, a coach helps push you forward and takes you outside of your comfort zone. If you can take even one step, changes will naturally occur and it accelerates the process of self-development. If you commit to this process, the next thing you know your goal will be right in front of you.

2-2 Disadvantages of coaching

First of all, there is the cost and time involved.

As I will explain later, coaching costs some money. Especially business coaching and executive coaching. However, if you choose a good coach, it will prove  to be worth the cost.

It takes time, but along with the cost, in the long run it is a wise investment.

2-3 People who need a coach

* When growth stops and you cannot get out of your current state.

* If you know there is a problem but you don’t know what it is.

* If you want to be more successful than you are now.

* When you are not making full use of your ability.

* If you are not confident in yourself or are unable to take the next step in life due to fear or a lack of confidence.

* If you have a problem but you have no one to talk to .

* If you want to achieve your goals quickly.

     These are some of the situations that call for coaching in general, but it depends on the individual and their need as to exactly what type of coaching is required.

2-4 People who do not need coaching

* If you are satisfied with the current situation and do not want to change anything.

I have had such clients in the past where they expected their coach to bring out something from them by having a coaching session. However, the session was completely ineffective because they didn’t want to change and had no goal for their future.

Another scenario is when people are forced to have coaching sessions by their boss or parents,  and this often does not have any effect.

If you don’t want to change, coaching is basically not very effective.

3 How to choose a coach

3-1 Cost

Costs vary, but sessions usually start from about 100 USD . Business or executive coaching often costs more.

Anthony Robbins, the world’s best coach, is said to charge 1,000,000 USD per year!!!

3-2 Method

Coaching is conducted face-to-face, online, or by phone.

It is generally better to commit to at least five sessions as any less means people will return to their old habits and way of thinking.

Many busy business people prefer online sessions. Also, with online sessions you can connect with coaches from all over the world, so you have more options.

3-3 How to find a good coach

Most coaches will answer inquiries or offer a free first trial session.

There are many types of coaches. They have different skills, different approaches and of course different personalities. You can maximize the effect of coaching by meeting a talented coach that suits you. It’s like choosing a doctor or a dentist.

The point is, choosing a coach who listens carefully, doesn’t impose their opinion while

pushing back when you are hesitating is


They need to be someone who can change your perspective and turn your weaknesses into strengths and have the skills in the areas you want to improve in.


-Coaching varies in types, prices, and methods.

It is recommended that you contact them or have a trial session. Consider the fields you need help in (business, life, health, mental, etc.) as well as budget, time, etc


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