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Through business coaching, practical psychology and image consulting, I can help you create a total transformation both inside and out.

My Qualifications

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Success Stories

I was having trouble striking a balance when managing professional relationships. With Coach M, I was able to organize my priorities according to my values and focus on my work without worrying about these interactions. Coach M draws out many insights while leading people on their learning journey.
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Business Solutions Director
I was experiencing difficulties in managing my Vietnamese staff and achieving results, making me anxious about my career advancement. Coach M helped me consistently take action on tasks that gave me small results which eventually developed into habits, changing my life for the better.
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IT Executive
After Coach M's NLP qualification course, I realized all of my small problems I was focusing on were superficial and not important as I thought. I learned how to speak with authority and was able to use this in my practical work. It was a good opportunity for me to get to know myself.
Tomomi Shinada
Recruitment Agent
I felt that my English skills were lacking while at my Japanese company. I was able to perform my duties, but I still felt stressed about expressing myself correctly. Coach M's business coaching helped me identify my current situation and problems, sorting out vague irritations and uncomfortable feelings.
Executive Assistant

Coach M by
Dr. Mizuyo Matsumoto

Everyone wants to make the most of their potential, but most people end up never quite getting there.

You may think there are a lot of reasons why you are not reaching your goals, but in the end there is no other reason than yourself that is holding you back from success.

The question now is: Do you want to stay where you are and keep doing the same old things, or do you want to change things up and get to where you want to go?

I will help you on that journey by revealing your potential power.

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What You Get With Coach M

Having the right business skills and a powerful mindset for success is extremely important.

A professional presence and self-confidence are also key to success, and this is where professional image consulting plays a huge role.

Think about it – when you buy a computer, you choose it for its function, power and design.

It’s the same for success in the business world.

You need skill (function), mindset (power) and presence (design).

My holistic coaching method is composed of three pillars: mindset, business skills and presence.

These three pillars are your keys to success.

Three Pillars Approach

With all of her coaching techniques, Coach M will show you all the dimensions of your business that need to be improved and I’m sure that you will see a new size of business that will take you to more success and more peace of mind.

Harin Ome

Founder & CEO, The Life Enricher Group

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