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NLP Practitioner Course


NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) is a set of tools, processes, techniques and skills that you will learn to create positive change in yourself, your business and in others. 

This NLP Practitioner Certification Course allows you to become aware of the mechanics of the mind so that you can control your thoughts and emotions in any situation.

Learning NLP will lead you to become a great communicator, influencer and charismatic leader.

Five-Day Program: 9am – 6pm

Day 1 – Mechanics of Thinking, Communication & Emotion

Day 2 – Increase Your Mindfulness, Self-Awareness & Consciousness

Day 3 – Become an Ultimate Influencer

Day 4 – Re-Program Your Mind & Think Positively

Day 5 – Remove Your Negative Emotions

Cost: 1500 USD



This seven-day NLP Master Certification program is designed to build on your learnings from the NLP Practitioner Course. 

In addition to learning new skills, you will also learn how to identify and remove limiting beliefs and conflicting values in yourself and others.

Cost: 2100 USD

A quick review of the NLP Practitioner learnings prepares us to dive deeper into the mechanics of the mind and how we process information.

Elicit world-class behavior recipes with modelling, and re-design your thinking and decision making with advanced strategies.

Why are we all different? How can we motivate different people, with different personalities, different cultures, and different ‘maps of the world’? Here, we learn the different personality types, their strengths, their weaknesses and a set of tools you can use to motivate and harness the greatest potential in yourself and others.

Limiting beliefs are the biggest obstacle holding us back from success and happiness. During this module, we identify and remove our limiting beliefs, then we can install a ‘software upgrade’ to unleash our full potential.

Here we tackle advanced language patterns with quantum linguistics, how to approach problem solving and decision making with cartesian logic, and develop world-class presentation skills with the 4mat system.

Just like a recipe to make a cake, we can follow strategies for success and happiness. The process starts with modelling. 

First, find a role model that has achieved success in the area of Life that you wish to improve. As you model their actions, their thoughts and beliefs, you will accelerate your results, and realize your dreams much more quickly. 

Then, we also have our internal strategies for decision making, thinking and feeling.

Effective presentations are a very necessary skill for all the business person. Learn to fully engage all members of the audience. Also learn how to influence people.