6 Steps to Achieve Your Success

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Last Updated on March 3, 2022 by Coach M

Thankfully, as a business coach, I have a lot of opportunities to meet with a variety of successful business owners and executives.

Now, who do you think of when you hear of a successful person?

Bill Gates?

Mark Zuckerberg?

So what is success for you?

When I held a coaching seminar a long time ago, One of the perticipant asked me that

“There’s been a lot of words of success, but what kind of person is a successful person you?” 」

I couldn’t answer well back then.

It’s very embarrassing to think about it now….

Now I answer clearly: What is success for me?

‘Contributing to society with something you passionate of, being wealth both mentally, physically and financially, and to live a life in line with your values’.


Knowing your own definition of success lead you to more fulfilling life..

1. What is success?

Success is defined differently by different people.

For example, if success for one person is to become a millionaire, for the other person it may be a high position in society.

The success of others is different from the success of oneself.

Therefore, the definition of a successful person imposed by a person (especially parents or a person around you) does not always apply to you.

How many of you told that if you enter the best school, get a promissing high salarly job at a large company will make you happy and succesful by parents?

Is this true?

If you plan your life according to the general definition of a successful person, you may end up with a life that is completely different from what you are looking for.

So why not consider success for you?

2. 6 Steps to Achieve Your Success

2-1 Know your values

Most people may think that success is about getting rich, but there are many people who are rich and happy, also many who are not.

For example, even if you are rich, you may not have time with your family, or you are always frustrated because you are hard at work.

It of course requires financial stability to live, but if you already live a normal life, what are your priorities to come next?

The first step to success is to know your values.

Surprisingly, many people have never thought of this.

Many people believe that the definition of success is the same as their parents or others.

My values are passion, self-development, health and of course relationship.

Without this, no matter how economically rich I am no matter how high my position is, I will not be able to say success in myself, and I think I will burn out someday.

Each person has different values. Because it is formed by past experiences, backgrounds, family structures, family beliefs, common sense of those around you, etc.

No one has the same experience, so there can be no 100% same values.

Once again, think carefully about what is important to you.

2-2 Self-awareness and self-analysis

When values become clear, it becomes clear what you want to accomplish in life and what you are happy about.

Then, self-awareness and self-analysis will clarify what is necessary to bridge the gap between your current situation and who you want to be.

And because it’s clear what you’re going to do now to get it, you won’t be swayed by the opinions of those around you and you’ll be more decisive.

If you do self-analysis, you will find many aspects that you did not know, and you may not want to asmit. But acknowledging this is the first step in improving it. Also you’ll find many strength you didn’t know. If you strengthen these, you can succeed in business by taking advantage of your strength.

2-3 Find and study people who already have your goal.

Once you know your definition of success, who already has it?

If you find one, let’s study them.

And take in the parts that you need, such as their way of thinking and habits.

People are more likely to be swayed by other people’s opinions. But if you find someone who is already have the success you want, you listen mainly to their feedback, so you won’t swayed by opinions with different values.

For example, if you want to succeed in investing, do you want to get advice from people who are not successful at all?

People can only advise to the extent that they have experienced.

People who are close to you maybecome obstacle trying to keep you where you are now unconsciously, because they feel worry that you will go somewhere they can’t reach if you succeed,

Finding and listening to advice from role models who are already successful in the field you want to be, or reading their books and studying their values and beliefs, is a quick path to success.

2-4 Keep having confidence that you will succeed

Even if the definition of one’s success becomes clear, the gap with the status quo is large, and sometimes you are at a loss for the length of the road to your success, and you might compromise with the stable little happiness of the status quo.

It is ok if you are happy with your status quo,.But most of the time people do not put it into the action because of lack of confidence.

“Don’t you regret it after 10 years of not doing it?”

” If you could time-travel to the future, what would your 80-year-old self say to current self ?”

I often ask these questions to myself:

From my experience, having a partner or friend who sincerely believes in my success is very supporting. And you can remain confident.

And it’s great to have someone back when you’re off track, such as a mentor or coach.

2-5 Make the detailed image of success

Draw an image of your success as concretely as possible, visualize it and have as much time as possible to image it.

In this way, the brain works hard to bridge the gap with the current situation.

And it attracts more and more people and things that are needed.

Try to imagine yourself as you have already achieved.

Excited, aren’t you?

2-6 Stay motivated for success

I try to reconfirm the purpose of why I am doing this from time to time.

Otherwise, you forget that you only have 24 hours a day, and you will do the things which is not important to your success.

A goal is a milestone to gain a purpose.

Don’t you sometiome forget why are you doing what you are doing now when you’re doing your daily, monthly, and annual goals TO DO lists for your big purpose?

“Why am I doing this task?”

If you get into the habit of asking yourself, you can eliminate tasks and things that don’t fit your purpose and focus on what’s important.

For example, it is important to have a sales target.

“Why would you want to achieve this goal?”

If this reason is not clear, there is also a risk of burning out when achieved.

In addition, since we do not choose the means to achieve it, it may be not align with the purpose and philosophy in the first place.

If the purpose is strong, people who are inspired by this will come together and it will be a great success.


The definition of success is different for each person.

If you want to succeed, start by looking for your own definition.

What is success for you?

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